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Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Ahhh… nutrition. Its one of the most talked about, most studied, LEAST applied aspect of a well rounded training program. It’s also the #1 question I get asked about and it’s better to address it now then wait until the Jan 1st rush!

In common weight training/aesthetic thought, a great body is 80% nutrition, 10% training and 10% genetics. For endurance athletes, Id personally change those percentages around a bit. I’d go with a great body (healthy, strong, athletic and willing to take you where you want to go) is 40% training, 10% genetic and 50% nutrition. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you slack on nutrition you get a big FAT “F” (and probably ass for that matter or at least a muffin top or a Milwaukee tumor). As an athletic household, nutrition is our not so secret weapon. Both Lane and I are able to complete monster training loads, recover amazingly well, keep up with work and family obligations and most importantly, never get sick. So why don’t more people take the time to really focus in on this? Because its WAY more fun to just talk about it than the day in and day out application! Would I rather eat cookies and ice cream every day or at least a few times a week? Order whatever looks yummy at a restaurant? Have a glass or two of wine a night? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I WOULD!!! But…. its not conducive with achieving my goals, so therefore it has no place in my life. And now for the not so nice, cold hard truth….. If I can’t get away with it then you my friend, sure as hell can’t either! Sorry, it had to be said.

So, hopefully if you’re still reading you’ve put down your sugary Starbucks drink and your muffin and want to make a few changes this year and you want to start NOW. You want more energy, less sick time, more fun and a fuller more action packed life with a body that can go the distance and get you there. My cardinal rule for nutrition- If it didn’t come from the ground or have a mom, DON’T EAT IT. It’s that simple. Sure, do I periodize my eating to coincide with my training volume and goals in macro, meso and micro cycles? Of course I do but this is just a 101 course. Anyone can follow this simple rule and achieve great results.

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Jennifer has over 10 years experience in endurance sports and personal training. She has intimate knowledge of training the body—and the mind. As both a triathlon and a run coach, she inspires passion and leads by example. She pulls heavily from her strength and conditioning background to incorporate speed, agility, power and strength enhancement into her athlete’s regiment. Her holistic mind/ body approach to training revolves around nutrition, periodized training, cross training and flexibility to help keep athletes injury free and achieving their goals.

Race Highlights

• Tampa Double Iron Triathlon -1st Female, 4th over all
• Badwater 135 ultra marathon- 2nd Female, 8th over all
• Great Floridian Iron Triathlon- 1st Female 8th over all
• 2011 All American Triathlete
• Jetty to Jetty 35 mile beach run- 1st Female, 2nd over all
• Keys 100 mile ultra run- 1st Female, 2nd over all
• Marathon de Sables Self supported 155 mile Sahara Desert run- 6th Female, 1st American female
• Ironman Cozomel- 5th AG
• Iron Horse 50 mile run- 1st Female, 3rd over all
• Keys 100 mile ultra run- 1st Female, 2nd over all
• Grand Tetons 100 mile trail run- 3rd Female, 6th over all

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  1. Great stuff Jen! Soo…Milwaukee tumor?? That’s a new one to me. :)

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