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What is it that Drives the ATHLETE in Us?

What is it that Drives the ATHLETE in Us?

We athletes thrive on challenge, training, and competition. We go out each day with determination, courage and ingenuity to achieve the goals we set for ourselves!

It is no less essential than our career, family or social standing, because it is WHO WE ARE!

So what drives the ‘athlete’ in us? Is it the competition, the challenge, or perhaps the fear of losing our edge, gaining weight, not aging gracefully, idle time?

Do we train out of pure joy for our activity, the need to stay competitive or the desire to live an experiential lifestyle?

We all live on a budget; yet pay huge fees to be in an event that challenges us to touch that thin line of pain vs. gain!

We swap stories, compare injuries, identify with the win as well as the defeat…and the best part is WE ARE ATHLETES, not lawyers, doctors, teachers, professionals.  We leave our occupations, identifications and ‘dress for success’ behind ~ to participate in this game of ‘feeling our humanness’ through our bodies…our sports…our joy!

I run, because I am a runner. What do you find joy in?


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Dawn Ciccone is a motivational speaker, athlete, author and creator of the F.I.T.S Training Program. F.I.T.S stands for From Injury To Strength.

It was Dawn's own journey of healing from a horrendous tragedy that made her realize recovery is NOT enough! She needed to apply a process of STRENGTH building to every aspect of her life.

Dawn's life transition was made through a tragic accident that left her wheelchair and home bound. Hit by a car while running, doctors told her she would not walk normally and never run again. Dawn made the decision to find her way back from injury - not just by recovering, but by applying a process of strength building she calls F.I.T.S Training. You can see a video of her accident at

An athlete herself, Dawn knows the tremendous demands that training has on the body, mind and spirit. She also knows, first-hand, that those demands increase tenfold during injury and through recovery. Training involves retraining your mind and addressing the spiritual side of recovery along with the physical.

It was a long, arduous path, but Dawn rose above the odds and today she offers the process that got her to strength. Maintaining a positive outlook, coupled with courage, determination, and an altruistic attitude, she uses her experience to inspire and encourage others to reach their goals and live authentically.

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