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Vitargo® S2™, the best super carb around!

Vitargo® S2™, the best super carb around!

In the endurance world, there are many nutrition companies that boast big claims that their product will fuel you better, help you run faster, recover quicker, prevent “bonking,” etc. There are so many companies out there, its hard to know which products actually work and which ones are just “hype.”

Well there may be a solution to figuring out which product may actually work and isn’t all marketing. To find out, why not just ask the company for the evidence that backs up their claims. And by evidence, I mean actual university proven research. As easy as this sounds though, this may not be such a simple task though since most endurance nutrition companies do not have the university studies to back up their claims. Genr8 Vitargo does however.

With the claims that Genr8 makes about Vitargo, you would think that it is a product too good to be true. One product that you can used before, during and post exercise that is sugar free, gluten free, will cause zero bloating and allows you to consume up to 1,000 calories in an hour. Get out of town right? But it is true, and the company also has the university research to back it up.

Alexa DickersonI was introduced to Vitargo back in 2009 and have been lucky enough to be brought on to their team as a sponsored athlete. I believe the product has helped me tremendously over the past few years. Because Vitargo gets out of the stomach and into your blood and muscles 2.3x faster than maltodextrin (which is the carb found in other gels and carb drinks), I have been able to take in many more calories while running and racing. When I won the Mohican 100 last summer, I had 2 bottles of Vitargo that I would go through between aid stations, which were about 5-6 miles apart. Two bottles is roughly 600 calories. At some aid stations, I would drink a whole serving of Vitargo as fast as I could. Had I been consuming that amount of calories in that short of time with any other product, I would have been puking my guts out, but I have yet to ever have stomach issues during a race.

Not only can Vitargo be used for fuel during runs and races, it is a superb recovery product. After a hard run or Crossfit workout I like to drink a full serving. After Crossfit I will also mix in some whey protein as well. Studies have shown that if Vitargo is consumed after exhaustive exercise, recovery will be increased by 23% after only 2 hours. On days that I am doing doubles I have noticed a huge difference during my second workout and feel I can still preform very well. Also when I am running high mileage weeks, like when I ran the Coastal Challenge stage race back in 2010, drinking at least a full serving of Vitargo after each long run greatly helps me recover and be ready to run again the next day.

Mark MatyazicIf you have not tried out this super carb yet, I definitely suggest giving it a shot. We have quite a few ultra endurance athletes (besides me) who swear by the product, including Dave Mackey, Dave James and Mark Matyazic (6th place Badwater).

If you have any questions regarding the product feel free to shoot me an email at or check out our website at



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I am a 24 yr old ultra marathoner and Genr8 Vitargo sponsored athlete. I started competing in ultras when I was 19 and have now finished three 100 mile races, including Western States. This year I will be fortunate enough to get the chance to take on the Badwater Ultramarathon.

I studied kinesiology at California State Fullerton and now work as a Crossfit coach at Anaerobic Inc in Laguna Niguel, CA. In addition to my schooling, I also have obtained my Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Endurance certifications.
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• 2010 Costal Challenge Stage race: 1st OA
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