Cross Training

Strength Training Benefits

Strength Training Benefits

Runners have a tendency to stick with what they know best; running.   If you were once skeptical about adding a little weight lifting into your routine, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of strength training and how it could improve your running performance.  You might change your mind!

Here are a few key reasons:

1) Strength training builds a strong musculoskeletal system, strengthening tendons and connective tissue.

2) It helps prevent injury by alleviating weaknesses and improving mobility.

3) Strength training provides core strength to support proper running form by improving posture and reducing fatigue (especially in the hips and trunk).

4) Stronger muscles contract faster, which may lead to increases speed, stride length & rate, resulting in faster turnover.

5) Strength improves efficiency.  This decreases volume, equaling less time for the mileage.

6) Training your fast twitch fibers (Type IIA) can provides a finishing “kick” to your races.


Boone A Ebel
Endurance Athlete
Certified Fitness Trainer
Specialist in Performance Nutrition

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