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Release the Beast Within

Release the Beast Within

I’ve come to just enjoy this term – “beast”. My step-son and his circle of friends brought it to my world quite a number of years ago. (I don’t know where they got it or if they invented the term. But they introduced me to the term.) It’s come to encompass an entire concept for me. Originally when Ryan had a great day at whatever he was doing he would say “I was beastly.” If he beat someone at something he would say “I beasted them!” And if he was soundly thrashed he would say “I got beasted.” He was onto something. And with the urging of Gary Smith – a cycling beast back East I wanted to pose this whole concept to everyone.

So, “to beast.” It’s not just about some outcome. I have come to realize that really it’s about the process of being and becoming both mentally and physically stronger. It is not one or the other. In fact, it is only with the melding of the two can you perform at a truly beastly level. And truly is a journey because there is no real endpoint. We can always improve our beastliness. And just because we are beastly in one aspect of life it doesn’t mean we are beastly in other aspects (say business for instance).

On the road to beasting there are many bumps along the way. How we handle those bumps (injuries, bad days, adverse conditions, adverse courses, tough competition, losing, DNFs, DNSs, etc.) AND persevere in the face of those bumps are the measures of beast.

Are you a beast? Rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 (10 high) on each of these questions. Here are the 8 Questions of Beastliness:

  1. Do you persevere when things aren’t going your way or do you fold?
  2. Do you try harder or give in when the going gets tough?
  3. Do you falter once you fall behind or do you surge forth with all you have?
  4. Do you put it on the line and leave nothing left at the end or cruise through waiting to “feel better”?
  5. Do you give your best bad day possible or give up and wait only for a good day to come in order to perform?
  6. Do you prepare mentally and physically to handle both “triumph and disaster”?
  7. Do you make excuses for bad days or do you just own it?
  8. Do you make excuses for not doing what you should or do you find ways of getting things done?

[I’m working on the final scoring scale but would love your input on this.]

In your journey to beastliness enjoy the idea that on some days you are merely beastoid. Or maybe you are a quasi-beast or pseudo-beast. A beast wannabe? Some days you will beast others and some days you will be beasted on. If you are developing beast-like characteristics you may be beastish or only semi-beast. Your chant may become “channel the inner beast” or “release the beast”. So, here’s to everyone’s inner-beast. 

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