Help Jay Danek Win The Great Sponsorship Giveaway

Help Jay Danek Win The Great Sponsorship Giveaway

When I saw that First Endurance had created “The Great Sponsorship Giveaway” I started planning how this sponsorship would alter my training and take me to greatness, similar to how I plan weekly to disburse my lottery winnings (that I know I have little or no chance of receiving too). But my plans were quickly dashed when I noticed already entered on the contest voting page was my friend Jay Danek. What kind of friend would I be if I crush his dreams like a cheap cigar butt under my shoe? So I now have a different purpose in life, at least until May 15th. I want to help Jay win!

Why Should We Help Jay Danek Win?

My first thought was the immortal words of Sir Edmund Hillary when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest, “because it’s there”. Or better stated, “why not”? But that’s not fair or really why Jay deserves to win this Great Sponsorship Giveaway by First Endurance. So from Jay’s resume of ultra trail running I put together my list of reasons Jay deserves our help to win. Here goes:

  1. If you don’t know Jay’s story I’ll give you a quick summary (you can read more at Upon the death of Jay’s father at the age of only 58 years old, Jay’s life was changed forever. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly the immediate change was not in a good way. After several months of depression and weight gain Jay topped out at over 265 lbs. (more than 100 lbs. heavier than he is today) and had no passion for anything. Finally through exercise and ultimately running Jay found his passion, a way to not only better his own life but to better those around him and to honor his father at the same time. Since that fateful day of Jay’s first run in the mountains Jay started “The Streak”. For 923 days in a row Jay ran at least 4 miles (he actually averaged over 10 miles a day!). Then on the anniversary of his father’s death, 9/23/2012, Jay took a day off to honor him. Since that date Jay has started a new running streak that stands at 199 days as of 4/11/2013 and over 1,900 miles.
  2. During this time Jay has become an ambassador to trail running not only in the State of Arizona but nationally as well. Through his blog and through his involvement with this Trail Running Club blog,, Jay has shared his journey and motivated thousands of other people with his story.
  3. Jay has shared his passion for ultra trail running and motivated audiences throughout Arizona as a public speaker.
  4. Jay will soon release his first book titled “Got to Live” scheduled for July 2013. Here’s how Jay recently described his book, “This book will explain just what would make someone do a 180 and change their life to start running. There are life lessons, some running, misery, pain, and happiness. If you’re looking for a book about how to run a hundred miles I would suggest you look elsewhere”.
  5. Jay is the creator of the Arizona Ultra Runner of the Year Award given annually to recognize both male and female ultra runner’s in the State of Arizona for their accomplishments throughout the year. As the creator of this award Jay has selflessly excluded his own accomplishments from being recognized and his eligibility to win.

How Would Winning The Great Sponsorship Giveaway Help Jay, Help Others?

  1. First off do you have any idea how much nutritional supplements it takes to run an average of 10+ miles per day for 1,121 days, and counting, with only one day off? Winning the Great Sponsorship Giveaway from First Endurance would help propel Jay into the next year of trail ultra training and racing. In other words it would take him “from infinity and beyond”…sort of.
  2. Jay inspires others through his running and through his motivational stories related to running. He also entertains thousands of other runners with recaps of his trials and tribulations (and sometimes success) on the trails. It’s important to do whatever we can to help Jay continue to reach other people who need both motivation for their running and in their lives outside of running.

How Can You Help?

vote_4_jayUnlike most the other pleas for help on Facebook I’m not asking for you to sponsor Jay yourself in any monetary way, I’m asking you to vote for Jay in The Great Sponsorship Giveaway. Then take one minute to go beyond that. To win this contest we need the support for Jay to go viral. Don’t just stop at voting yourself, share this page and the link to directly vote for Jay with your friends (it doesn’t matter if they’re runners or not) and ask them to share it with their friends and so on down the line. Post this on Facebook pages you frequent that have a lot of members and ask them to do the same. I don’t know what it will take to win, 20,000 votes? 50,000 votes? Maybe more, but if we all take a couple minutes to do a small part then we can help Jay in his cause to help others through his running.

You can click on the image to the right or use this link to vote for Jay. Voting will be open through May 15th, 2013.

By helping, you are not only helping Jay but you’re helping all the people who Jay touches through his running, blogging and public speaking. Thank you for your help, together we can make this happen!

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